• Image of The BMF
  • Image of The BMF
  • Image of The BMF

Introducing our BMF.

It’s namesake says it all with this STOP - BRAKE - TAIL LED unit.

Measuring in with an outside diameter of 70mm and an overall height a touch under 30mm it’s a tight little package.

All 316 stainless steel, tig welded and blended to that seamless style we have become known for.

The lens used is stepped down at 2mm intervals, combined those sharp edges with out bright as hell 24LED unit and it glistens.

This light is designed to be placed anywhere you want, the light unit is protected by RTV silicone holding the lens in place and surrounded by 8mm bar.
Stack some dimes on this BMF and your ready to roll.

This can be supplied in a shop polish or brushed finish.

Please note each piece is hand made, numbered and made to order. An expected delivery time is <10 days on each piece.